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Source code quality assessment

Need to know how maintainable your source code is? You'd like to have an expert's opinion on that? Having doubts about your system's maintainability? Want to know how to improve your code quality? We'll be happy to help you find the answers!

As part of the source code quality evaluation service, our experts pre-assess the technical prerequisites' availability for providing the service. After understanding the customer's needs and goals, we install the source code analyzer tools on the infrastructure provided by the customer. After running the tools on the provided source code, our experts assess the results and make an accurate diagnosis about the health of the system. In the assessment we rely on the following code quality attributes:

  • Hundreds of source code metrics ranging from simple object-oriented metrics (e.g. size, complexity, inheritance, attachment, cohesion, documentation, etc.), through code copy metrics to process metrics
  • Hundreds of coding issue types including security, runtime problems
  • Code duplications and inconsistent changes of theirs
  • Least maintainable source code elements
  • Short, mid and long-term changes in high-level quality attributes
  • Assessment of individual developer performance
  • Comparison of quality attributes to thousands of other systems' in our benchmarks

As a result of the evaluation, a quality assessment report is handed over containing the findings, recommendations, and executive summary. We also summarize our findings in live presentations where we'll answer the arising questions in this regard. The customer also gets a one-month QualityGate subscription, by which the results of the analysis can further be analyzed.

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