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Buyers of custom software

It would be worth knowing what's inside!

When it comes to custom-made software, functionality is not the only thing that matters. Usually, the development of a system's initial version is only a fraction of its overall lifetime. The rest consists of adding new functionalities and maintaining the system. The cost of these is largely determined by the maintainability of the source code produced. The increased cost arising from low code maintainability is always borne by the customer. Therefore, it is worth looking under the hood before paying.

You can use QualityGate to evaluate the source code maintainability of the software you are adopting. QualityGate qualifies the system in terms of maintainability based on hundreds of source code metrics, coding issues, vulnerabilities, code copies, etc. By comparing these attributes to thousands of other systems' in our benchmarks, you get an objective picture where your system stands in terms of maintainability compared to others. Of course, it is not only the quality of the system that is revealed but also the reasons that led to a particular qualification.

QualityGate provides you with an objective measure for the maintainability of a system's source code which gives you significant leverage in negotiations with your suppliers. Integrated into the handover processes, QualityGate leads to notable cost savings on maintenance.