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IT managers

Keep your software development under control!

It is the IT managers' responsibility to ensure the efficiency of software development. The goal of IT managers should not only be delivering the software on time but meeting certain quality requirements and making sure development resources do not get wasted in the process are also among their foremost duties. Being liable for these matters without proper tools in hand can be considered irresponsible even in the case of a few small teams.

QualityGate measures and monitors the source code's quality continuously, provides real-time feedback on the change of low and high-level quality attributes of the software. It also qualifies the system in terms of maintainability based on hundreds of source code metrics, coding issues, vulnerabilities, code copies, etc. By comparing these attributes to thousands of other systems' in our benchmarks, you get an objective picture where your system stands in terms of maintainability compared to others. Of course, it is not only the quality of the system that is revealed but also the reasons that led to the particular qualification. This can be used by the developers to improve maintainability in a straightforward way. You can also use QualityGate to keep track of individual developer performance, which can either help you revealing motivational and competence-related issues or let you adopt a performance-based rewarding system.

By keeping your software development with QualityGate under control, you can continuously improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your department. It goes without saying that all the credits will be yours.