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Software developers

Good developers write good software. The best ones also pay attention to the source code quality.

The professional judgment of software developers depends primarily on the efficiency of their work. Because source code quality greatly influences the pace of development and the risks inherent in modifications, developers are exposed to the quality of the source code they develop. With this in mind, the best developers pay attention not only to the functionality but also to the quality of the code they write.

QualityGate allows for continuous measurement and monitoring of source code maintainability, points to possible coding errors, dangerous code copies, and less maintenance code parts. With QualityGate, you can track the evolution of hundreds of source code metrics. Calculated metrics range from simple object-oriented metrics (e.g. size, complexity, inheritance, attachment, cohesion, documentation, etc.), through code copy metrics to process metrics.

With QualityGate you can continuously monitor your work's quality. By following the recommendations of the system, you can deepen your knowledge, improve code quality, and improve your reputation within your organization at the same time.